Paul Stay

조수 풍경의 재발견, 빈티지제주

‘The landscape of Cho Soo-ri's landscape is huge.’
조수리가 지닌 경관의 시간은 거대하다.

This village is located in a high-mountainous middle-mountainous area with beautiful red clay soil and beautiful field walls such as Jeju's silky veins. The Yellow Oyster (Gamater) is located.

In this place and time, the beautifully aged basalt material meets the modern properties of glass and concrete to become an architecture and captures the epic landscape of Cho Soo-ri.

The matte cypress masses, furniture and natural fabrics coated in exposed heavy-duty buildings of the exposed concrete enhance the softness of the soft, and add to the refined atmosphere of this house by adding to the sturdy, solid ebony pottery.

I hoped that Paul Chef's sincere attitude, which brings out the unsophisticated, unprocessed taste of nature, and his wife's simple passion to enjoy Jeju's pottery in a light, would be projected into the space.

The sensibility that faces the beautiful scenery of Jeju, is inspired by the kitchen of a sunny chef and guides you to cook for your loved ones. This is a two-story pole kitchen.


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Address: Jejul, Korea

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All Credit by ⓒ URBANPLOT

URBANPLOT ㅣ CEO: Hosung Seo ㅣ Business License: 541-86-00960 ㅣ Address: Jeju, Korea
CS: +82 10-9984-6463(AM10 - PM5, Lunch PM1 - PM2, Weedend and Holiday Off)

All Credit by ⓒ URBANPLOT